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Inflatables Repairs


Mi Fiesta Rentals is locally owned and operated. Mi Fiesta Rentals is licensed and insured. Our bounce house repair center stands behind all of our moonwalk repair work with a full warranty Mi Fiesta Rentals performs on all types of units like Jumpers, Bounce House, moonwalks, slides, obstacle courses, interactive games, Brinca Brinca, Brincolines, etc. Instead of sending you units back to the manufacture for "warranty work" which is expensive on shipping and usually takes weeks even months to get back let us come pickup your units, which will save you time and money. We can do bounce house repair work on most manufactured units. Plus check out our Banners Printing. You can contact us by email or by one of the above numbers.

Inflatable Repair Center Services

REPAIRS: Net replacement, re-stitch broken seams, torn baffles, base & floor replacement, zipper & velcro replacement. 

MODIFICATIONS: Add "no jump safety netting, change the entrance and/or exit, add exhaust or blower tubes.

ACCESSORIES: Sand bags, unit straps (large & small), unit bags, replacement blankets & stairs, stakes, blowers, banners, signs, etc. WE GUARENTEE HIGHEST QUALITY & BEST PRICING ON ALL ITEMS.

SALES: We sell used & new party equipment, inflatables, blowers & accessories.

MISCELLANEOUS: Upon request, we can disinfect & clean your units for a small fee-which is determined based on condition of units.


REPLACEMENT WINDOWS.....$175.00 - $225.00

depending on size and preparation of unit


Inflatable Repairs Re-stitch Seams

Re-Stitching of seams on any section of a small bounce house or giant super slide require expert knowledge.


Inflatable Repairs, Repair Torn vinyl

Repairing of torn vinyl in many cases requires replacement of a section of vinyl that extends from seam to seam. Otherwise you’ll be resorting to patch work which although works, a noticeable and unsightly patched section will be visible to your customer(s). This does not bode well for product quality and aesthetic beauty. No one wants to rent equipment that has been patched. You’ll lose your repeat business.


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