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Rental Rates for 2 hours:

10 Balls- $300

We deliver, set up and pick up all knockerballs. Each rental also comes with 2 soccer goals and soccer balls

(Add an extra hour for $ 60.00)

***To reserve your booking we require a $50 payment up front and remaining balance is due at the setup before event.  If Cancelled, your payment can be Credited toward another reservation date.***

Every participant will need to sign our waiver before playing.

Any event location needs to be secured prior to renting. We do not provide locations. Gymnasiums and turfed fields are ideal, however any grass field without sticks, rocks, or other debris is suitable.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Before each rental, you will be required to attend a brief safety and rules meeting. Waivers must be signed prior to game play.  Anyone with heart conditions, pregnancy, or having a health condition restricting them from physical activity cannot participate.   

2. All players must be at least 4'10" and at least 110 lbs in order to use the Adult size bubble balls. This is due to the dimensions of the ball. ​

3. The following ARE NOT permitted:

  • No Cleats or Shoes with any type of cleat-like extensions (spikes, turf shoes, etc) ·

  • No Eyeglasses worn inside the bubble suit unless they are sports glasses with a head strap (contacts are permitted) ·

  • No jewelry [watches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, nose rings, piercings (ear, eyebrow, belly, cartilage), hair barrettes, bobby pins, or anything sharp that could puncture or injure someone is not allowed to be worn.  Covering with band-aid or tape is not acceptable ·

  • No casts, braces, boots, sandals, flip flops ·

  • No one under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be permitted to play ·

  • No pinning another player to the ground ·

  • No launching yourself (leaving your feet) at another player's legs or helping someone else launch themselves ·

  • No pushing a player into a wall or into a corner ·

  • No striking a player when they are on the ground or trying to stand back-up ·

  • No kicking another player or equipment (bubbles)

  • No full force blindsiding people

  • No entering restricted goal zone formed of cones

  • No fighting permitted ·        ·

  • No intentional flipping

  • No pulling yourself up by the handles (wears them down)

  • ​No intentionally going down to your knees

**You could be removed from or not permitted to play as a result of not following any of the above rules.  There will be no refund if you are thrown out of or not permitted to play.** ​

4. Appropriate attire is required: ·

  • Sports clothing suggested (clothing containing zippers, jeans, non-sports related clothing are prohibited) ·

  • Tennis shoes are required

  • Knee pads are highly recommended

​​ 5. You MAY NOT exit the field unless you are leaving the game for a substitution.  If the ball should exit the established playing field, the referee will immediately put another ball into play and the game will continue without stoppage. This is for the safety of those on the sideline as well as yourselves.

6. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before game time to ensure you have the proper attire, are comfortable in your bubble suit, and you are aware of the field setup and rules. Additional time will not be allotted for late arrivals. 

7. If temperature is 80 degrees or above, all players will be required to take a 3 minute break every 15 minutes. Longer and/ or more frequent breaks can be taken if desired. 

8. Players are required to clean the inside of their bubbles after play. Players will also be given the opportunity to clean their bubbles before play. Cleaning supplies will be provided.


**Please note, we have any right to add to and/or modify in any way this list of rules, and we will ensure all are aware of these prior to start of the game.  We also have the right as do referees to remove anyone from the playing field or end a game without refund should we feel safety is being compromised.  Your cooperation is appreciated.**

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